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  • hey bro
  • bro
  • broski
  • brosicle
  • broseidon, god of the brocean
  • brotato chip
  • brotein shake
  • brosef stalin
  • barack brobama
  • teddy brosevelt
  • don quibrote
  • adrien brody
  • gallilebro gallilei
  • napoleon bronaparte
  • brobo cop
  • leonardo dicapribro
  • broseph mengele 
  • bro nye the science guy
  • selena bromez
  • broey deschanel 
  • bro dimaggio
  • wolfgang amadaeus brozart
  • brohemian rhapsody
  • osama bro laden
  • mighty bro young
  • brodo the hobbit bro
  • broprah winfrey 
  • broby dick
  • abroham lincoln
  • what’s up

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shoutout to myself for no particular reason

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Anonymous said

post a dick pic


bicurious? yes, i am bi and very curious. when were balloons invented? how do they make playing cards? why do cats do the thing when you dangle strings in front of them? i have so many questions

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feeling your computer getting slower though the years is one of the most heartbreaking things ever

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